Lights Out! Energy Efficiency Tips

Did you know that simply switching your light bulbs to LED or CDL can save your location anywhere from $1000 to $4000 annually? That's right, regul

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Did you know that simply switching your light bulbs to LED or CDL can save your location anywhere from $1000 to $4000 annually?

That’s right, regular, incandescent bulbs can consume over twice the amount of energy an LED bulb uses. Upgrading your lighting in parking lots, gyms, exit signs, ceiling lights, and hallways from energy-wasting incandescent bulbs to efficient LED bulbs is a simple way to reduce your energy consumption and your bill over time.

Find out below how our RRP suppliers can help not only with replacing light bulbs, but energy efficiency in general.

Replacing standard halogen lamps with Philips 10W LED MR16 dimmable lamps provide energy cost savings of up to $2,860 annually, according to an analysis done by Staples. Staples can also provide a site audit and an educational session on identifying reliable green products. To find out more or set up a site audit, contact Madeline Murphy, 630- 282-1593,

Warehouse Direct
WD partners with utility-approved allies, who can perform a comprehensive energy assessment at your location and determine which existing ComEd rebate funds your location may be eligible to receive. Contact Jose Urquiaga (847) 814-2305,, to learn more.

Utility Efficiency Programs
ComEd Smart Ideas®
ComEd offers a series of energy efficiency programs which you can take advantage of to save money and reduce your environmental footprint. The programs offer incentives to encourage installation of higher efficiency equipment, like lighting and HVAC systems. Call (855) 433-2700 for more information.

People’s Gas Small Business Program
People’s Gas offers free energy assessments, installation of free energy-saving products, as well as rebates for upgrades. To date,
St. Sabina parish has saved more than 19,000 therms through the program. To get started, call (855) 849-8928.

Nicor energySMART
Nicor Gas offers rebates on specific purchases of energy-efficient items. Starting an online rebate application is as easy as filling out a form. Nicor will also conduct a free energy efficiency assessment of your business. Call (877) 886-4239 to schedule yours today.


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